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AirLife Volumetric Incentive Spirometer w/One-Way Valve 4000mL 001901aA



In stock

In stock

Brand:: Vyaire


The Vyaire Medical AirLife Volumetric Incentive Spirometer is well-designed to hold comfortably while performing deep breathing therapy. Using a Spirometers improves breathing by encouraging slow deep breaths that strengthen the lungs by opening air sacs. With regular use it will improve lung capacity and keep lungs healthy.

This AirLife Incentive Spirometer offers dual-sided calibrations making it easy for the patient to read the volumes that reach up to 4,000 mL. The goal indicator is positioned at the desired volume capacity to incentivize a target to strive for. As the patient breaths into the flexible tubing with adjustable mouthpiece, it lifts the indicator ball. When patient can no longer breathe out, they hold breath for a few seconds before breathing out slowly. It is recommended to cough after each interval to remove mucus. Intervals of 10 are recommended for each session. The goal indicator is adjustable to increase volume capacity as lung capacity improves.

AirLife Incentive Spirometer 4,000 mL Capacity is available with one-way valve (Vyaire Medical 001901A), or without valve (Vyaire Medical 001902A). To prevent respiratory infection, this product is intended for single patient use.

Features and Benefits

Easy to Perform Breathing Exercise
Erogonomically Designed to Hold
Adjustable Goal Indicator
Easy to Read Calibrations
Adjustable Mouthpiece with Flexible Tubing