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Prevail Disposable Underpad Prevail Total Care 30 X 36 Inch Polymer Heavy Absorbency PV-410

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Brand:: Prevail®


Prevail Total Care Underpads Overview

Prevail Total Care Underpads provide protection for surfaces against incontinence leaks. A cloth-like top layer is soft against the skin while the polyester backsheet helps keep liquid in and keeps the edges of the pad from being exposed. The pad features MaxSorb Gel technology, which turns liquid into gel, keeping everything contained until the pad can be disposed of. Each pad folds and unfolds in seconds.


Product Features and Benefits

  • MaxSorb Gel Technology Absorbs Liquid and Keeps It Away From User
  • Soft and Comfortable Top Layer
  • Plastic Backing Prevents Moisture From Leaking Through
  • Easy To Dispose of After Use
  • Perfect for Use With Wheelchairs, Beds, Couches, Car Seats, and More
  • Available in Two Sizes
  • PV410 / PV-410
Total Care Bed Pads

Versatile and Convenient

Prevail Total Care Underpads can be used anywhere they are needed as an additional layer of protection. They easily fold to fit into a wheelchair, or they can be spread over couches, beds, car seats, and more. If needed, they can even be placed on the floor. Once they have been used, they can easily be thrown away.


What Are Prevail Total Care Underpads Made Of?

Prevail disposable underpads are made of cotton and polyester. The Integramat Bonded construction reduces the chances of the layers separating or bunching. Its cloth-like topsheet is soft on the skin and designed for maximum comfort. The polyester backing is bonded to the topsheet. Neither of these layers are made with natural rubber latex, reducing the possibility of allergic reactions.

Prevail Layers


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