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Nova Ankle Pillow to Relieve Foot & Heel Pressure, Foot Elevation Support Cushion


In stock

In stock

Brand:: Nova


We love the Foot Elevator because its comfortable thick foam provides much needed support, and its elevation gives you a foot up when recovering from surgery or a leg injury.

  • Relieve pressure on your foot or Heel with an ankle pillow that raises your foot off a surface and Provides comfort for your ankle. Made of high density foam. Comes with one pillow.
  • Great For elevating and healing Foot, toe, Heel and lower leg injuries. Also provides relief for sore feet and legs.
  • Improve Foot & Leg circulation and also help prevent pressure sores on the heels.
  • Universal and secure fit. The adjustable Velcro strap provides a universal and secure fit.
  • Removable and washable cotton cover is soft on the skin and long lasting.