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NOVA Medical Products Knee Elevation Pillow, Elevating Leg Rest Pillow Wedge, 17″ & 22″ Widths, Removable & Washable Cover, Blue


In stock

In stock

Brand:: Nova


  • Polyester, Cotton
  • GREAT REST & RECOVERY PILLOW that helps maintain pelvic position to reduce the pressure on your back, hips and legs. Fits comfortably under the back of the knees and designed to create a 30 degree bend in the knees. Ideal for Elevating your knees and resting post-surgery and during recovery. Knee Elevation also promotes overall circulation and relaxation.
  • HIGH DENSITY FOAM provides a firm support that maintains shape and is long lasting.
  • REMOVEABLE & WASHABLE zippered cover is of a polyester/cotton material and machine washable.
  • CHOOSE FROM 17” or 22” WIDTHS: Dimensions for 17” Width: 17″W x 10″D x 7″H, Dimensions for 22” Width: 22”W x 8.75”D x 7”H. Color: Navy Blue