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Prevail PV-418 Disposable Underpads Total Care Fluff Light Absorbency 23 x 36 Inch, 72 per case

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1 Pack of 18 OR 1 Case of 72 (4 Packs of 18)

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Brand:: Prevail®


Disposable Underpads Overview

The Prevail Fluff Underpads are designed to be used underneath as an additional layer of security against incontinence leaks, even in the cases of heavy leakage. MaxSorb Gel technology locks moisture in place, and the waterproof barrier keeps it from leaking out onto the surface below. The Fluff Underpads are made with sturdy material so they won’t tear, even when wet. They are available in one size with clear bags (Prevail UP-120) or discreet printed bags (Prevail PV-418, Prevail UP-150).


How Can The Disposable Pads Be Used?

The Prevail Underpads 23×36 can be used to protect surfaces like furniture, car interiors, or wheelchairs against incontinence leakage. They are essential incontinence supplies to have on hand. The Prevail Underpads are foldable and easy to carry in bags or purses. They unfold into a large rectangle that can be placed on car seats, furniture, or in wheelchairs. The Prevail Fluff Underpad large size also makes them perfect for use on beds at night time to prevent soiled sheets.


What Are the Underpads Made Of?

The Prevail Fluff Incontinence Underpads have a clothlike topsheet, a polymer core, and a plastic backsheet. The polymer core absorbs moisture and keeps it in place. The disposable underpad has a waterproof plastic backing that prevents liquid from leaking out onto the furniture. The bonded construction helps prevent separating and bunching, ensuring maximum comfort during use. The pads do not contain any chemicals that are common irritants to the skin.

PV418 / PV-418