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Prevail Bladder Control Pad Daily Male Guards 12.5 Inch, One Size, Maximum Absorbency PV-811

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Brand:: Prevail®


Prevail Guards for Men Overview

First Quality Male Guards have a targeted acquisition zone to create maximum absorption for men who need daily protection. Prevail Pads for men are a discreet alternative to wearing incontinence underwear when needing protection against light urinary incontinence. With a cloth-like outer fabric, Prevail Men’s Guards are comfortable and offer skin protection. The AirMax Layer traps in wetness but allows heat and humidity to escape.

This First Quality Male Guard is designed to work with brief-style underwear and not loose-fitting boxer shorts. This male guard is placed inside briefs after removing the protective covering along the full-length adhesive strip. Then, position the guard, and secure the adhesive strip to the brief to keep it comfortably in place. Once the guard is properly positioned, men can negotiate their day without worrying about accidental leaks or embarrassing wet stains. Stay worry-free all day. Select between the standard size packaging (Prevail PV-811) or save with the discounted case size package.


Prevail Male Guards Quality Features

Quality Features of Prevail Male Guards

AirMax Layer
This layer is made with a specialized poly material for trapping wetness while maintaining airflow which prevents heat from building up and creating humidity and discomfort.

100% Breathable Moisture Barrier
The moisture barrier promotes skin health by allowing the skin to stay cool and breathe.

Cotton-Enhanced Surface
Natural cotton is soft against the skin and won’t cause irritation or friction to help ensure healthier skin.

Dri-Fit System
The fabric weave integrated with a specialized fabric creates maximum comfort and protection.

Omni-Odor Guard
A odor guard keeps odors at bay by neutralizing smells before they start to ensure freshness.

Designed for Men
Prevail offers incontinence pads for both men and women. These guards for men ensure the urine acquisition zone is located where it’s needed the most.


Product Benefits

  • Contour Adds Discretion
  • Moisture Acquisition Zone for Male Anatomy
  • Adhesive for Worry-Free Wear
  • Breathable Technology for Skin Health
  • Protection for Active Men
  • Product Length 12.5 Inches
  • PV811 / PV-811