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VITAL Arkray 12 BOXES Blood Glucose Test Strips 600 Count


In stock

In stock

Brand:: Arkray


Arkray GlucoCard Vital Blood Glucose Test Strips are easy to handle, highly accurate and especially meant for in vitro diagnostic use. These test strips require small 0.5-µL (microliter) blood sample that makes testing more comfortable and results in seven seconds. Strips are good for up to three months after opening. INCLUDED: 12 x Arkray Glucocard Vital 50 Test Strips. These strips will only work in a Vital meter.

Test Strips Name: GLUCOCARD Vital Test Strips
Sample size: 0.5 μL
Test time: 7 seconds
Meter range: 20-600 mg/dL
Technology Results: Plasma referenced
Calibration: Auto coding
Display: LCD
Memory: 250 tests with time & date stamp
Averaging: 14- and 30-day averaging
Downloadable: Yes
Meter Size: 3″ x 2″ x .5″
Weight: 1.5 oz
Power Battery: Single replacement 3V (CR2032)
Tests/Battery: More than 2,000 tests at 4 tests per day